Many Panhandle residents who have lost everything haven’t taken showers or been able to wash clothes in more than 12 days.

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Published 10-23-2018 1: 15 p.m. Related image

Nearly 2 weeks after Hurricane Michael ravaged the Florida Panhandle after making landfall in between the coastal communities of Panama City and Mexico City, many of the small an not well known communities farther inland are feeling stuck  because they cant leave there house due to either being blocked in  by falling trees; either in there drive way, or on there vehicle or in there home. Many also are afraid to leave what may be left of there homes & belongings, for fear of looters. 

 Although a lot of the main power grid to businesses, schools and government buildings that are habitable are coming back online. The same can not be said for the thousands of homes that have suffered catastrophic damage and are still uninhabitable due to major repairs that are needed. Many of these homes are in rural areas that are hard to get to because of all the trees that  are down. 

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  Many of  residents in these areas haven’t taken showers or been able to wash clothes in more than 2 weeks, due the need of running water, and most of these people live on property that either have well’s that need electricity to run or are on county water, but the damage to there homes is so great they either have no electric or no water. 

 Many folks have commented on our social media account expressing the dire need for porta potties and mobile shower stations needed to be placed inside of these heavily devastated areas and neighborhoods. These areas include, Washington, Bay, Calhoun, Liberty, Gulf and Jackson Counties, as well as the following areas; Bayou George, Youngstown, Blountstown, Fountain, Marianna , Wewahitchka, Altha, Alford, Callaway, Mexico Beach, Lynn Haven, and Springfield. All of these areas have a dire need for neighborhood porta potties and mobile showers stations.

 Porta potties, mobile shower and hand washing stations  are the number ones necessities  mentioned that are desperately needed with the  Rider’s dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. 

  Most if not all of these Rider’s have also lost all of there everyday basic living items  from the sheer Wind Power of Hurricane Michael, that with the winter approaching a lot of these Rider’s could face weather conditions that could become a matter of life and death if a freeze comes in the forecast anytime soon in the Panhandle Region. 

Joyce Fox, center stands in front of her heavily damaged home in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael in Panama City, Fla., Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)


  Some of these items include gas for generators,  water, ice, gas cans, clothes, jackets, blankets,pillows, baby formula, can goods, diapers,wipes, garbage bags, solar cell phone chargers,tarps, tea lights,  and batteries.

  Several of our followers reached out on Social Media, to share with us what there immediate needs were, now nearly 2 weeks after Hurricane Michael made an historical landfall in the Panhandle and flattened all in its path up through the Florida-Georgia, Alabama State Lines.

 Riders Of The Storm Recovery Resources


Pam from Panama City writes:
 “Gas, water, ice. All areas.
Some lost a little. Others lost everything they own. All areas of Bay, Calhoun, Jackson counties.
Sharing so others in others may add that I do not know about.”
Deborah from Panama City writes:
 “Bayou George area in great need.”


Judith from Southport writes

 “Thank you all for the blessings you are giving people mostly for compassion for others. We thanks you.”
Kristi from Bonifay writes:
 “Tarps! In Holmes Washington and Jackson counties FEMA had some but not anymore and there are lots of people that still have trees on their roofs and roof damage, and can’t get anything to cover it with.”


Teresa from Chipley writes:

 “Some have commented having gift cards, for gas, food.”



Janice from Panama City writes:

“Diapers, wipes, water, ice, gas and gas cans. So many people are still without power and are using generators. “



Glenn in Mexico Beach writes;
“We need porta potties in neighborhoods! We have 1 but it needs cleaned. Also broken,we commandeered it out of the woods. Not just at pickup sites.”



Mary from Altha writes:

” We would appreciate anything, as the need is great. Paper towels,toilet paper, cleaning items. Ice,water,gas. The list could go on and on. Please know that all help is deeply appreciated and you will be in our prayers.”



Stacy from Blountstown writes:

” So many people can’t get out. We have driven around some but most people are needing what we need as well. Ice, tea lights, batteries, water for flushing toilets, diapers, wipes, baby formula, tarps, garbage bags, borrow a charged phone. Many have no way of communicating because their devices are dead. 

And lots of prayer.”
Nancy from Mexico Beach:

In Mexico Beach please…portable showers and clothes washing stations in Mexico Beach 


Sue from Marianna writes:

” Blankets, pillows, sheets and pillow cases, in Fountain, Marianna , Altha “



Linda from Marianna writes:

 “Drop off POD catholic charities in Marianna. First Baptist family life center Marianna. Methodist church downtown Clinton street. Innovative charities on hwy 71 south next to chevron station. Moose lodge Marianna.”


Debbie from Marianna writes:

” Paper product ,plates plastic silver ware.Cups..

Marianna, i asked today no one  had any. Im so thankful for ever thing i have received .Every one has been so helpful.And kind .I feel so very blessed..I might look like im walking around in a daze.I sure do thank God i am walking..


Anyone wishing to provide any assistance to these devastated areas are encouraged to reach out and message  the Rider’s Of The Storm Recovery Resources Page or post a visitors Post; to let us and the storm survivors know of the help you can provide.   

 If you are a company looking to provide porta potties, hand washing stations and mobile shower trailers, you are encouraged to also reach out and message the Riders Of The Storm Recovery Resources Page.

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